Training Resources

Training and supporting your catechists is so important! The following materials can help you in that task. They are free for download and distribution. Kindly direct others back to this site if you wish to share them.

Sample Guidebook for Catechists and Aides
A simple guidebook that outlines the basic principles of adaptive ministry for new catechists. Can be included in handouts distributed at a catechist training session.

Catechist/Aide Interest Form
A basic form for gauging what previous experience and interests prospective catechists bring to your program.

Catechist Prayer
A prayer that catechists may use in preparing themselves before each class.

Resources for Catechists
A handout listing helpful resources for your catechists (and you!).

Student Information Sheet
A sample form for gauging the unique talents and needs of your students. May be used as a base for parent/DRE meetings. 

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